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Sarah Moriarty
Sarah Moriarty's THE RUSTICATORS, in which four adult siblings (and one significant other) cope with grief over the loss of their parents and anxiety about the future, trying to help and not hinder one another in the process

World English rights to Islandport Press

David Bell
Author of CEMETERY GIRL and THE HIDING PLACE, David Bell's new novel in which a girl who bears a striking resemblance to a man's long deceased ex-girlfriend is found murdered -- with the man's name and address in her pocket

World rights to NAL/Penguin

Steph Cha
Steph Cha's THE SURROGATE, the third novel featuring a Los Angeles-based P.I.

North American rights to Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's

May Sarton
E-rights to May Sarton's fiction, journals, and poetry, including her groundbreaking novel

To Open Road Integrated Media

Lydia Millet
NBCC and Los Angeles Times Award finalist Lydia Millet MERMAIDS IN PARADISE, in which young newlyweds encounter mermaids (yes, mermaids) on their honeymoon in the tropics; touching on the destruction of the environment and the absurdity and earnestness of humanity.

North American rights to WW Norton

Scott Blackwood
Whiting Fellow and AWP Award winner Scott Blackwood's SEE HOW SMALL, inspired by the real unsolved murder of four teenage girls in an Austin, Texas ice cream shop and imagining how the community survives during the subsequent five years, as narrated by various townspeople and the deceased girls.

North American rights to Little, Brown
UK: Fourth Estate
Italy: Ponte alle Grazie

Michael Pitre
Iraq veteran Michael Pitre's FIVES AND TWENTY-FIVES, about the lives of three men from the same Marine platoon, years after a bloody Iraq tour: a lieutenant and a reluctant leader, back in school; a corpsman who finds his calling as a medic, but whose pride in his work is undone; and an Iraqi interpreter with a love of hip hop and Huck Finn, stuck in Tunisia as the Arab Spring unfolds.

North American rights to Bloomsbury
UK: Bloomsbury UK
France: Seuil
Romania: Rao

Jamie Metzl
Former White House and State Department official, US Congressional Candidate, and EVP of the Asia Society Jamie Metzl's GENESIS CODE, in a near-future America, a beat reporter hunts for the killer of a woman murdered while carrying a genetically-enhanced embryo, uncovering a secret, high-stakes race between the US and China to seed their populations with genetic superstars.

World English rights to Skyhorse

Young-ha Kim
Author of BLACK FLOWER Young-ha Kim's I HEAR YOUR VOICE, in which two orphans grow up in the streets of Seoul and one becomes the tragic leader of a powerful motorcycle gang, to be translated into English by novelist Krys Lee.

To Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Toby Ball
Toby Ball's INVISIBLE STREETS, pitched in the tradition of James Ellroy's Underworld USA trilogy, set in a crumbling metropolis on the fringes of the sixties, about a cache of explosives that goes missing and the many suspects -- druggy bohemians, corrupt urban planners, rabid right-wingers -- who may be responsible, along with rights to Ball's first two novels, THE VAULTS and SCORCH CITY.

World rights to Overlook

George Plimpton
Reprint rights to George Plimpton's

To Little, Brown

Jeffrey Bartsch

Jeffrey Bartsch's debut novel, TYING THE KNOTS, in which two child geniuses marry young and then go their separate ways, yet continue to communicate with one another using hidden clues in crossword puzzles.

World rights to Grand Central


Anne Nelson
Anne Nelson's THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, the never-before-told story of Suzanne Spaak, a Belgian socialite who was Magritte's patron and muse, and who relocated to Occupied Paris with her husband and two children where she used her connections to the city's artists, writers, and composers (including Magritte, Colette, Cocteau, and many others) to rescue Jewish children from deportation by the Nazis, and how she motivated the several warring Underground movements to work together with British spies, Russian communists, and French resistance fighters, saving hundreds of Jewish children in the process, most of whom survived the war.

North American rights to Simon & Schuster

Bonnie Rochman
Award-winning journalist Bonnie Rochman's THE GENE MACHINE, an investigative journey into the advances in genetic testing and biotechnology that are reshaping the human experience and upending traditional models of health care, covering embryo testing, fetal genome sequencing, newborn screening and beyond, and their real-world ethical implications for children, parents, families, doctors, and the biotech industry as a whole.

World English rights to Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Scientific American

Michael Chorost
Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neuroscience and Society and author of REBUILT and WORLD WIDE MIND Michael Chorost's HOW TO TALK TO ALIENS, an investigation of life, language, and cognition through the lens of the possible existence of extraterrestrial life.

World English rights to Yale University Press

Ryan Berg
Ryan Berg's NO HOUSE TO CALL MY HOME, a chronicle of the author's years working at group homes for homeless LGBT youth in Brooklyn, and the struggles they faced with their families, drugs, and prostitution, all while stuck in a social system that looks the other away, with excerpts previously published in Ploughshares and The Sun.

World rights to Nation Books

Susan Stellin & Graham MacIndoe
NYT contributor Susan Stellin and photographer Graham MacIndoe's untitled dual memoir of love, addiction, and redemption; the narrative follows Stellin's poignant story of falling for heroin addict MacIndoe, the extremes she took to save him from prison and exile, MacIndoe's recovery in a prison rehab program, and the unbreakable bond that brought them back together.

World rights to Ballantine Bantam Dell

Dawn Luebbe
Dawn Luebbe's MY 1992 DIARY, a humorous look at what it was like to suffer through adolescence in the nineties, by the author of the blog of the same name

World rights to Abrams Image

Gillian Thomas
BECAUSE OF SEX: How One Law, Ten Cases, and Fifty Years Changed the Working Lives of American Women
Senior Trial Attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Gillian Thomas's BECAUSE OF SEX: How One Law, Ten Cases and Fifty Years Changed the Working Lives of American Women, exploring Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which in a single phrase added (at the last minute) to the 1964 legislation expanding the rights of minorities -- "(there shall be no discrimination) because of sex" -- opened the way to a transformation of the lives of American women in general, as the law was progressively interpreted, one landmark case after another.

North American rights to Palgrave/Macmillan

Barbara Tuchman
Reprint rights to THE GUNS OF AUGUST, along with Tuchman's other two books on WWI -- THE PROUD TOWER, about Europe during the lead-up to the war, and THE ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM, which details the plot that helped bring the U.S. into the war, for publication in May 2014; BIBLE AND SWORD, A DISTANT MIRROR, PRACTICING HISTORY, THE MARCH OF FOLLY, THE FIRST SALUTE, STILWELL AND THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, which was also awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and NOTES FROM CHINA.

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Tuchman's death in addition to being the centenary of the start of the first world war and the events of her most famous book, THE GUNS OF AUGUST. That book was an instant classic upon its publication in 1962, winning the Pulitzer Prize and quickly becoming a favorite of millions of readers, and a number of world leaders, including President John F. Kennedy.

World English rights to Random House

Napkin Note Productions
Napkin Note Productions's THUG NOTES: THE BOOK, which will feature summary, analysis, and interpretation of classic works of literature (Things Fall Apart, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Erye to name a few) as explained by professor Sparky Sweets PhD, pitched as a revolutionary approach to education, expanding on the web series of the same name.

North American rights to Vintage/Anchor

Marcia Bartusiak
Professor in the Science Writing program at MIT and author of THE DAY WE FOUND THE UNIVERSE Marcia Bartusiak's BIOGRAPHY OF A BLACK HOLE, a look at our evolving understanding of one of the most symbolic, alluring, and maligned entities in our cosmos over the centuries.

World English rights to Yale University Press

David Philipps
Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of LETHAL WARRIORS, David Philipps's DARK HORSE, an account of how wild horses came to be so central to American identity -- how they got here, how we nearly wiped them out, how they returned -- and an eye-opening exploration into the dark truths of how the US government rounds up wild horses today and what happens to them after capture.

North American rights to W.W. Norton.

Roxane Gay
Roxane Gay's HUNGER, building on the author's Tumblr blog about eating healthier, finding a tolerable form of exercise, and exploring what it means to learn, in the middle of your life, how to take care of yourself and how to feed your hunger.

North American rights to Harper Perennial

Jose Orduna
Jose Orduna's THE NATURALIZATION: Notes on the Browning of America, tracing the story of the author's path to U.S. citizenship even as it explores the larger issues around immigration and the dangerous nexus of race, class and identity in American culture.

North American rights to Beacon Press

Laverne Cox
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK actress and transgender advocate Laverne Cox's memoir, chronicling her personal journey from a misunderstood and socially unaccepted child to an acclaimed actress, speaker and advocate widely recognized by LGBTQ organizations for sharing her empowering message.

World rights to Harlequin Nonfiction

George Daughan
LEXINGTON & CONCORD: The Battle That Changed the World
Samuel Eliot Morison Award-winning author of IF BY SEA and 1812: THE NAVY'S WAR George Daughan's LEXINGTON & CONCORD: The Battle That Changed the World

World English rights to WW Norton

Angelo Volandes
THE CONVERSATION: Straight Talk about End-of-Life Care (And How It Alone Will Save America's Medical System from Itself)
Physician and researcher at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Angelo Volandes's THE CONVERSATION: Straight Talk About End-of-Life Care (And How It Alone Will Save America's Medical System from Itself), about the unspoken dark side of American medicine -- keeping patients alive at all costs -- and how to talk with patients about their wishes at the end of life.

World English rights to Bloomsbury.

Thomas de Monchaux & Philip Nobel
DREAM HOUSE: How We Didn't Build One, and How You Still Can
Thomas de Monchaux and Philip Nobel's DREAM HOUSE: How We Didn't Build One, And How You Still Can, in which two architectural critics (The New Yorker, The New York Times, etc.) turn their hands to an actual building project and the resulting misadventure provides an opportunity to explore big questions about: what we invest in our homes and why that investment so rarely returns as it should; how we can stop building bigger and start building better; and how, if we make the right choices, our homes can actually help us to live better.

North American Rights to Metropolitan.

Sarah Ruden
Scholar and Guggenheim Fellow Sarah Ruden's translation of Augustine's CONFESSIONS, the world's first autobiography, that illuminates the universal search and struggle for life's meaning.

North American rights to Random House

Simon Morrison

Princeton professor of music and author of LINA AND SERGE: The Love and Wars of Lina Prokofiev, Simon Morrison's BOLSHOI CONFIDENTIAL, the inside story of the world's most prominent ballet company and its recent criminal mayhem, with the never-before-told history of the theater itself and its tangled relationship with power and politics from the tsars to Putin.

US rights to Liveright/Norton
Canadian rights to Random House Canada
France: Belfond
UK: Fourth Estate
Brazil: Editora Record

Matthew Kroenig

Professor of Government at Georgetown University Matthew Kroenig's THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR THREAT: Choices and Consequences, on why a strike against Iran is strategically advantageous to US security.

World English rights to Palgrave

Media Matters for America

Authors of the national bestseller The Fox Effect, David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters for America go inside the Washington, D.C. business of manufacturing lies in order to sell flawed public policy to the American people.

North American rights to Vintage/Anchor

Christopher Petkanas
LOULOU: Yves St. Laurent's Legendary Muse, Loulou de la Falaise, and the Cult of Haute Bohemia She Brought Us

Christopher Petkanas's LOULOU: Yves St. Laurent's Legendary Muse, Loulou de la Falaise, and the Cult of Haute Bohemia She Brought Us, an illustrated oral biography/history of one of the fashion world's most memorable icons, YSL's muse Loulou de la Falaise, and the world she both created and lived in.

World Rights to St. Martin's Press

Children / Young Adult

Martina Boone

Martina Boone's Southern gothic trilogy -- with a dash of magic -- following a teen sent to live with her dead mother's twin on a decaying plantation where she discovers a centuries-old feud and dark secrets that require making peace with the local spirits, who may not be as welcoming as the sunlit boy who steals her heart.

World rights to Simon Pulse

Additional Foreign Deals

German rights to Roxane Gay's AN UNTAMED STATE, to Lubbe
Swedish rights to Bonniers
UK rights to Constable & Robinson
Dutch rights to Cargo

UK rights to Roxane Gay's BAD FEMINIST to Constable & Robinson

Czech rights to Julia Fierro's CUTTING TEETH to Domino

Polish rights to Debora Spar's WONDER WOMEN, to Poradnia K
Simplified Chinese rights to Beijing Fonghong

Italian rights to Ann Leary's THE GOOD HOUSE, to Sperling & Kupfer
Hebrew rights to Korim
Czech rights to Euromedia
Slovak rights to Ikar
Bulgarian rights to Exlibris
Polish rights to Znak
Dutch rights to House of Books
Russian rights to AST
Romanian rights to Humanitas
Complex Chinese rights to Ten Points
Korean rights to Munhakdongne Publishing Group
French rights to Editions Stock
Hungarian rights to Trivium Kiado
Spanish rights to La Esfera de los Libros S.L.

Polish rights to Uwem Akpan's SAY YOU'RE ONE OF THEM to WAM

Japanese rights to Susan Mattern's THE PRINCE OF MEDICINE: Galen in the Roman Empire, to Hakusui-sha Ltd.

Polish rights to Tom Perrotta's THE LEFTOVERS, to Znak
Bulgarian rights to IBIS

Audio rights to David O. Stewart's THE LINCOLN DECEPTION, to Audible

Audio rights to Jim Lehrer's TOP DOWN: A Novel of the Kennedy Assassination, to Audible

Dutch rights to Henriette Lazaridis Power's THE CLOVER HOUSE to Meulenhoff de Boekerij BV

Brazilian rights to Alon Confino's A WORLD WITHOUT JEWS to Pensamento-Cultrix

Japanese rights to Caroline Weber's QUEEN OF FASHION: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution to Editions Kazeno Bara-Suiseisha

Italian rights to Charles King's ODESSA: Genius and Death in a City of Dreams to Einaudi

UK rights to Ann Leary's THE GOOD HOUSE to Atlantic Books; German rights to Droemer Verlag; Turkish rights to Marti Yayinlari; Brazilian rights to Companhia Editora Nacional

Indonesian rights to Jonathan Lyons' THE HOUSE OF WISDOM to Noura Books

Japanese rights to Laura Flynn's SWALLOW THE OCEAN, to Misuzu Shobo Ltd.

Serbian rights to Enid Shomer's THE TWELVE ROOMS OF THE NILE, to Laguna

Italian rights to Charles King's ODESSA, to Einaudi

Simplified Chinese rights to Washington D.C. editor for The Nation, New America fellow, and regular MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes's TWILIGHT OF THE ELITES: America After Meritocracy, to Shanghai Translation

Russian rights to Princeton professor Simon Morrison's LINA AND SERGE: THE LOVE AND WARS OF LINA PROKOFIEV in Stalin's Russia, to Centrapolygraph

Finnish rights to Alan Watts's THE BOOK: ON THE TABOO AGAINST KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, to Basam Books

Complex Chinese rights to Sarah Porter's LOST VOICES TRILOGY, to Owl

French rights to legendary New Yorker writer A. J. Liebling's THE ROAD BACK TO PARIS, to Francois Bourin

Hungarian rights to Tom Perrotta's THE LEFTOVERS, to Geopen

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